A player in North America’s finest WoW guild DDOS’d teammates to steal their raid spot

A high-level World of Warcraft player has been kicked from his guild soon after it was revealed that he was DDOSing team-mates so as to get himself cheap wow gold a spot in raids. Adois was the fifth principal healer in Limit, the major raiding guild in the US.

Limit spent the weekend racing to defeat the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid.

An officer with the guild, Jeathebelle, who is also one more of Limit’s healers tweeted earlier today to say “we have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Limit’s 5th key healer, Adois, employed spoof hyperlinks sent to his co-healers to scrape our IP addresses then DDOS a healer, forcing him offline to have a raid spot for himself.”

Adois apparently spent a few of the time ahead of your raid “begging a healer to click” a shortened URL. That hyperlink redirected to an IP scraper, and it was later revealed that Adois had posted the healer’s IP address into a diverse Discord server. The only healer who had clicked the link disconnected from both World of Warcraft and Limit’s servers on Mumble and Discord. Meanwhile, Adois had arrived to fill in for the missing wow items player.

This apparently wasn’t the first time a thing like this had happened for the guild. When Adois was benched ahead of a raid against Mistress Sassz’ine, the substitute healer straight away started disconnecting, forcing Limit to bring in Adois. Not long immediately after the raid ended, the new healer was in a position to reconnect.

Jeathebelle also claims that “Adois was by far the worst player in Limit,” and later confirmed that Adois was no longer a a part of the guild. Their Twitter feed is worth a read for any fast laugh at the absurdity of it all.