Can EA/Bioware Revitalize Star Wars: The Old Republic Player Base?

There are many goals that really need to be taken into consideration in regards to sustaining an MMORPG. And following running for many years, there’s a variety of Star Wars: The Old Republic players who are asking yourself in the event the game can buy SWTOR credits ever return to its glory days.

Whilst the MMORPG was a hyped-up game when it was initially revealed, as the game released, and time went on, players started to notice a drastic dip in good quality. PvP is unplayable in quite a few players’ minds, plus the story content material is usually excellent, but is inconsistent. This has caused an exodus in the game. And for all those on Reddit who nevertheless play it, a single question looms:

“What are some things that Bioware/EA could do to help revitalize the player base?”

It really is an truthful query, along with a fair a single. And one particular that quite a few Redditors are pleased to answer. Some don’t feel it might be fixed, stating that EA would basically have to “invest in the game” for that to take place. Others are slightly much more optimistic, but feel that the game needs long-term content material to actually get Star Wars: The Old Republic back on track.

Some consider that salvation lies in Free-To-Play. As of now, the game is Free-To-Play, but with heavy restrictions. Several on Reddit think that the game needs to be complete on F2P so as to get cheap SWTOR Credits people back. Others believe story is the answer, while some think bug fixes and adjustments could possibly bring individuals back, it really is as varied as the players themselves.

The query still looms though, can Star Wars: The Old Republic win the players back?