Clockwork City DLC Now Available On Elder Scrolls Online Public Test Realm

A world of interlocking gears, steam energy, golden metal, and robots may sound like a steampunk paradise envisioned by the wildest visionaries of the Victorian age of sci-fi but I’m truly describing the broad aesthetics of the Elder Scrolls Online’s next significant expansion generally known as The Clockwork City. Owners of your Elder Scrolls Online willing to install the close to 80GB Public Test Region’s in-development client can accept the quest to discover the weirdly fantastic planet of the Clockwork God, Sotha Sil.

Clockwork City brings brand new World Bosses and explorable Delves for all adventurers to test their mettle. Sotha Sil’s operate on the Imperfect God, a terrifying mechanized weapon of death which is normally improving is in no way ending but players will likely be in a position to take it on. Players can decide to venture either into the inner-gears and workings in the Clockwork City within the Shadow Cleft delve or explore an artificial atmosphere that has broken down for an unknown reason in the Halls of Regulation Delve.

Inside the heart of the Clockwork City sits a place referred to as The Brass Fortress. Within this center of power priests and zealous inventors dedicate themselves to Sotha Sil and aim to replace the flesh & blood parts of their bodies with machine replacement parts. The Brass Fortress is also home to those not loyal to the whims of Sotha Sil, these outcasts have become generally known as The Tarnished.

More information about other changes that will likely be introduced in patch 3.2.0 including new collectibles, new item sets, new furniture, new crafting motifs and updates to the base game & ESO: Morrowind are obtainable inside the PTR patch notes. We don’t have a solid release date or price point for Clockwork City just yet but given the fact that Zenimax Online is ready for players to test it, it can’t be more than a few weeks out.