Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 “The Legend Returns” Set in Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII

Throughout a livestream held over the weekend to mark Final Fantasy XIV’s fourth anniversary, facts of the hugely anticipated patch 4.1 have been revealed. buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

Titled “The Legend Returns” and set to release early in October 2017, patch 4.1 will allow players to dive in to the planet of Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII. The patch will feature a brand new key story-arc, side quests, a brand new Primal battle, along with a new Ultimate difficulty setting.

The complete list of specifics for patch 4.1 announced in the course of the stream are as follows:

New Main Scenario and Side Quests – including the return of Hildibrand
New Alliance Raid – Return to Ivalice
New Primal Battle – The Extreme version from the Most important Story boss
New Ultimate Difficulty – The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)
New PvP Content material – Rival Wings 24 vs 24
New Instanced Dungeon – The Drowned City of Skalla
The Lost Canals of Uznair Update – New Maps leading to Deeper Submerged Chambers, New Systems and New Enemies
Adventurer Squadron Updates – New Missions exactly where you are able to type a celebration and enter Dungeons along with your Squadron Members
New Beast Tribe Quests – The Kojin
Housing Update – Shirogane Plots and Relocation Service Accessible

For the duration of the livestream, Naoki Yoshida was joined by Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII/Tactics) to go over the upcoming 24-player Final Fantasy XIV Gil alliance raid, “Return to Ivalice.” Matsuno is writing the scenario for the raid as a special guest creator.