Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – Locate All of the Aether Currents’ Locations to Fly in the New Regions

One of the arguably most cumbersome elements inside the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood (right after Raubhan and Pipin Savage, and if you are playing, you almost certainly know what I imply), is the return of Aether Currents.

The feature was introduced within the initial expansion Heavensward, and it demands players to scour areas although crawling around the ground to find and activate spots that would lastly allow them to fly, on top of finishing a bunch of quests.

Stormblood possibly makes it even more complicated, because the initial two regions are split in two by means of the main story quest, and also you won’t have the ability to total the search for your aether currents until level 67 for The Fringes and 69 for The Peaks in Gyr Abania. This results inside a lot of walking to be completed.

Fortunately, the neighborhood came to the rescue, pointing out the locations you might want to buy FFXIV Gil and explore as a way to come across these pesky currents, and quests. The dedicated Reddit neighborhood designed a handy document with all of the locations you must attain, with some valuable notes.

Reading the coordinates is generally quite simple. When you mouse more than the map, you are going to see the X and Y coordinates of one’s mouse on the top ideal from the map UI. The coordinates of the current position are also listed below your minimap. X indicates westr-east coordinates, and Y indicates north-south coordinates, with X:0.0 Y:0:0 being the north-western corner.

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