Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (Patch 4.1 – The Legend Returns)

Final Fantasy XIV has now entered its “catch-up state.” Whereas 4.0 was all about catering towards the hardcore side with a four-level raid tier and new item cap to perform toward, 4.1, known as The Legend Returns, doesn’t shake up the formula in any monumental way till its single “Ultimate Coil” battle drops inside a handful of weeks.

Although catch-up patches aren’t quite as exciting, I am nevertheless going to become actively playing until 4.2 hits — so Square Enix did some thing appropriate!

Ala Mhigo has been saved, so what’s subsequent? Zenos Yae Galvus left a large hole inside the story, and now the campaign has to handle the aftermath and all of the unresolved plots therein. I’m still invested in seeing exactly where the whole reconstruction work goes, bolstered by powerful new leads like Lyse and Raubahn. An impressive solo boss fight with Lakshmi caps it all off, and makes an excellent case for AI-controlled dungeons and boss fights (that is a thing you’ll be able to do together with the enhanced Squadron mechanic).

4.1 introduces only one new dungeon, the Drowned City of Skalla, which follows the identical linear pattern given that 2.0. That is not often a bad factor as Skalla is going to mix up the professional roulette a little, but I genuinely do want there were far more to select from at level 70. Even though I get the concept of staggering content (4.2 will allegedly get two dungeons), along with the dungeons themselves are high in excellent, the concept of carrying out the identical three or four locations more than and over overstays its welcome by the time I’ve ran my fourth roulette.

Beast Tribe quests under no circumstances definitely engaged me the same way grinding for Exalted status did in World of Warcraft, but it really is right here if you want it now in Stormblood with all the ninja turtles. It is an excuse to go to the Ruby Sea once again, albeit an innocuous one. As you commence to dig down into the nitty gritty though, The Legend Returns genuinely showcases how masterful Square Enix’s XIV group is at producing high-end content material.

The 24-person raid, although brief and largely a boss rush, is wonderful. Return to Ivalice is confident to turn some heads as Keita Amemiya, film director and illustrator collaborated with Matsuno Yasumi, director of Tactics Ogre, FF Techniques, and XII to make this casual raid knowledge. As certainly one of the only post-launch confrontations with voice acting and quite a number of new mechanics, the mashing up of Techniques and XII works far improved than you’d anticipate it to.

Stormblood as a whole has kept me playing each week considering that its launch, along with the Legend Returns only builds on that robust substructure. I am nonetheless clearing Neo using a standard cadence on my Paladin, but provided the enhanced capacity to earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil decrease tier gear I’m also functioning on my Scholar, Dark Knight, Bard, White Mage, Warrior, and Summoner. Three months till the subsequent raid tier is often a extended way away, but I’ll be ready for it.