Guild Wars 2 Living World Arc Sees Daybreak

The story of Guild Wars 2 continues to unfold. ArenaNet ushered inside the fourth season on the game’s Living World arc on Tuesday morning, introducing new components although continuing exactly where the last season left off.

Tyria’s fate hangs inside the balance as a confrontation using the Elder Dragons remains around the horizon. Players must embark for the Guild Wars 2 Gold ancient Elonian ruins, but 1st need to look for an order of hidden warriors who guard the way. ArenaNet is hinting that possibilities created over the course of your Living World to this point stand to influence the player’s individual storyline and how the arc ultimately unfolds.

Along with that, players will discover a brand new Legendary Focus, a Twilight Oasis Fractal that sends players for the previous, and also a whole new Raid named Hall of Chains. This Raid will see heroes attempt to ward off hordes of undead, because the hunt down the innocent worshippers of Grenth.

For a lot more on “Daybreak,” the newest chapter of Guild Wars 2’s Living World arc, check out the video below. The Living World content material is included as a no cost update for all owners of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.