Guild Wars 2: The fan-favorite Super Adventure Box Returns on March 29th

On March 29, among the most preferred Guild Wars 2 events is generating a triumphant return. The Super Adventure Box permits players to “test their mettle” against fearful enemies and “perplexing puzzles” all in pursuit of shinies. Players can go to Rata Sum take portion in all of the entertaining from March 29th via April 19th.

This is a “game in game”, which can be extremely effectively received by the fans of Guild Wars 2.

A game within the game

If you step through the portal, then a thing very special awaits you:

The Super Adventure Box (SAB) is basically a Jump & Run game
Your level, class, attributes and specializations do not matter
You jump through the colorful world and take care that you do not lose any life
You collect powerups and spheres. With Spheres you buy equipment and upgrades in the SAB worlds
You will find keys that open hidden chests
SAB is available in three levels of difficulty, each granting different rewards

The SAB is actually a seasonal event that many Guild Wars 2 players are waiting for, because there are many rewards to win, and that is just one of several most interesting events inside the game. Guild Wars 2 then became a colorful, exciting jump in a incredibly short period of time.

A permanent SAB?

ArenaNet is currently considering installing the SAB permanently into the game and offering it to all players who pay for access with Infinite Continue Coins. But this idea is not pretty good. Many fans think that a big attraction of SAB is that the event is not always available, but you have to wait for it. Then, this is a welcome and interesting diversion, but if SAB is always available, its appeal will soon disappear.

Guild Wars 2 is regularly updated with a new episode of “Living History”. Also coming on March 29 is the ArenaNet’s balance update and PvP League Season 11. You can see more details in the coming days. And you can always get gw2 goldon IGXE.Com, where offers you the cheapest price and fast delivery!