Guild Wars 2’s New Update Brings Some New Contents to the Game for April Fools’ Day

On April Fools’ Day, a new update for the MMORPG game Guild Wars 2 has brought some new contents to the game, which includes bringing chair sitting functionality and reintroducing the game’s annual April Fools’ Super Adventure Box content, that will be accessible for the subsequent two weeks.

chair sitting functionality

Players weren’t able to make use on the chairs scattered across the continent up until now. The new was to brought to celebrate April Fools’ Day in mixture using a humorous developer diary video in which developers discuss the serious company that is chair sitting.

Having the ability to make use of the chairs inside the game has often been among the list of most required options for players because the game was released in 2012. Together with the new update, players now are in a position to make use of greater than 1,400 chairs scattered across the continent of Tyria, of which most could be discovered in big cities and guild halls.

Also, players can comprehensive the new Chairs in the Globe achievements for which they will have to sit on each and every chair out there. The achievement will earn them the Armchair Commander title.

Super Adventure Box content material

The Super Adventure Box content material is the same content material as final year, and there is no significant alterations.

The Guild Wars two fans have lengthy demanded that a third globe should be added for the mode, however the development studio ArenaNet has confirmed that it can not be released releasing a single this year either.

This mode includes two exclusive pixel art worlds, with each and every featuring several levels that the players have to total. Additionally to the standard mode, the game also functions the uncomplicated infantile mode as well as the hardcore tribulation mode.

Just like final year, players can collect baubles that they could trade in for unique items like toys, weapon skins, and guild hall decorations.

The improvement studio has already confirmed that each in the new contents will stay offered after April Fools’ Day. You can buy gw2 gold on IGXE.Com to experience the new contents inside the game!