Here’s how Star Wars is slowly generating Reva’s story canon

There were several Easter eggs hidden all through Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Director Rian Johnson worked closely with all the Lucasfilm Story Group in an effort to connect the film to the numerous newly canonized Star Wars stories Disney has released via books, comics, video games, Rebels, and even the new films.

Inside a recent episode from the Star Wars Show, host Andi Gutierrez spoke with members on the Lucasfilm Story Group, including Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee. During the roundtable discussion, Gutierrez asked Hidalgo in regards to the kyber crystal necklace prop from Luke’s hut on Ahch-To. The explanation of its origins – which begins at 1:40 – is really exciting.

Here’s the thrilling aspect: Hidalgo calls the Kyber crystal necklace a “captured trophy from a Jedi Crusader from ages previous.” What exactly is a Jedi Crusader? Nicely, the renegade faction with the Jedi Order went by one more name, throughout the era on the Old Republic, some four,000 years before the events of A new Hope. The Crusaders were called “Revanchists.” read more

The Jedi Crusaders were founded by Revan himself, which can be why his followers had been named Revanchist. This means that Luke Skywalker located and recovered this necklace that employed to belong to a follower of Revan, through the time between Return with the Jedi and the Force Awakens.

The pendant itself holds a fractured Sith Kyber crystal, and this was what Luke chose to show in his own living quarters. Could it have when belonged to Darth Revan, or maybe Luke’s own father, Darth Vader?

Revan has been a fan-favorite since the release of Knights of the Old Republic video game, the subject of books, and later in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG. Revan and his as soon as close buddy Malak turned to the Dark Side on the Force, then Revan was later redeemed by the Light, becoming a Jedi once once again.

Hidalgo’s reasoning for having the prop within the film, was his hopes that it would “be evocative adequate that if somebody wants to buy cheap SWTOR Credits choose up that thread and say, “You know what? I bet you that, that’s what this story is.”

Regardless of whether it’s via Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy, or via the following new animated series that replaces Star Wars Rebels, or even the live-action Star Wars series coming to Disney’s streaming service sometime subsequent year, remains to be observed.

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