How to Get Rare Players in My NBA 2K18

Get prepared to ball out, card style. Cat Daddy Games and 2K Sports have brought hoops back to mobile with My NBA 2K18 MT, which serves as a companion app for the NBA 2K18 console game but also contains a standalone card game named MyTeam Mobile.

As in previous years, the object should be to put together the top team of current NBA players and all-time greats from a selection of player cards. With more than 300 new cards for the 2017-18 season, you are confident to locate a few of your favorites integrated, and you will find distinct rarity levels of a lot of of them.

Accurate superstars like LeBron James can only be identified in the greater tiers, so that begs the query: how do you obtain rare players in My NBA 2K 18? There are actually additional methods than ever this season, so let’s break them all down.

With each and every Rapid Game and Head 2 Head game you play, you’ll get an chance to draft cards from a complete board of alternatives. You get one pick for a loss and numerous picks with each victory.

As your team’s general talent level improves, you are going to buy MT Coins uncover rarer cards among the prizes, at some point operating your way to the Ultra Rare, Epic, Epic Prime and Elite tiers (and depending on when you’re reading this, it really is achievable there have been more tiers added at the same time). Having said that, when you hit a Rare or superior card, the whole board will reset and you’ll must get started more than once more.