It’s The Small Issues That Make Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.2 Update Terrific

New story quests, side missions, dungeons and raids are usually good, however the coolest alterations coming in January’s “Rise of a new Sun” update to Final Fantasy XIV involve extra inventory space, new solutions to retailer unique outfits and new methods for Bards to rock out. read more

As excited as I’m for fresh content material coming to my preferred massively multiplayer on the net role-playing game, I am also dreading the idea of possessing to clean out my bags every couple of hours as I operate via it all. Two large adjustments to inventory space announced this morning throughout the game’s “Letter from the Producer” presentation created me feel a great deal better. Very first off, the amount of things players can stack in 1 inventory spot has been elevated 10 times over. Previously you may only have 99 of a single item in any 1 inventory space. Now you can have 999. That’s 999 fish. 999 wellness potions. 999 bits of lumber for crafting. It is going to create crafting and gathering so much easier.

Second, note the bottom item there. Player mounts will now have saddlebags, adding an added 70 inventory slots. These will not be accessible from inside instanced dungeons, but they will be a boon for wandering the wilds of Hydaelen, picking up random crap.

Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of astounding outfits for players to wear, but transforming ugly-but-fictional armor into some thing fashionable can be a bit of a chore. It requires some thing named glamour prisms, which must be crafted and of the appropriate form and…ugh, I’m getting a headache just considering about it.

Update 4.2 makes things less difficult with Glamour Commodes, that is a filthy-sounding term for a superior point. Players might be able to convert things into glamour extra straight making use of these Glamour commodes, storing up to two various appears for every item type-weapon, chest, hat, and so forth cetera. Players will likely be able to save ensembles, prepared to apply. Dressing how I want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil dress will lastly be straightforward. I could cry.

Finally, we have terrific news for Bards. Following the introduction of Performance Actions last month along with the excellent music players have already been developing, Bards are receiving a brand-new interface for composing their masterpieces.

The piano-style layout will likely be accompanied by four new instrument sounds, bringing those dreams of a Final Fantasy XIV in-game symphony closer to fruition.

All this, plus a lot more housing (thank goodness), PVP alterations and a duty recorder that allows players to record their dungeon runs and play them back making use of the game engine. Oh, and all of that questy, raidy stuff. You can watch the entire presentation under, or hit up The Lodestone for the Cliffs notes.