Latest Xbox One Path of Exile Update Adds Map Stash and much more

After weeks of waiting for the Map Stash to develop into accessible for acquire on the Xbox One version for Path of Exile, these who’ve ventured out to Wraeclast can lastly do so because of the newest Path of Exile update patch that rolled out.

Alongside the extended awaited Map Stash to lastly be out there around the Xbox One version of your free-to-play game, Here’s all the significant fixes and basic high quality of life improvements the lately released patch for Path of Exile consists of.

You may check out the list under:

You’ll be able to now toggle “Show Online” around the Trade Board to show products from players who’re on line within your current league. It’s going to not display things listed by players who’re on the web but within a unique league (including Abyss although you are in Typical).
You’ll be able to now filter Items inside your Stash by entering text inside the search box.
Added help for the Map Stash Tab. This Stash Tab is not on sale but, but will likely be soon.
Grouped Map Fragments of the identical sets with each other around the Trade Board’s item search (previously some of the Fragments weren’t listed with the rest of their group).
Slightly enhanced the size of Ahn’s Could possibly.
Fixed a bug causing Mirage Archer to become able to Taunt enemies.
Fixed a bug causing “increased Recovery Price of Life and Power Shield” to possess no effect if Vaal Pact was allocated.
Fixed a bug causing the Ralakesh’s Impatience one of a kind item plus the “Gain an Endurance, Frenzy or Power charge once you Block” mod to at times fail to generate a charge, or to produce a Spirit Charge after you had the Lightpoacher special item equipped.
Fixed a bug causing Arcane Surge to not apply its buff the very first time it activated in an instance.
Fixed a bug where you could possibly be placed inside the boss space of the Fields Map right after leaving the Abyssal Depths.
Fixed a bug exactly where some Merciless Labyrinth enchantments for Bodyswap and Cremation had been becoming granted by the Divine Font in the Eternal Labyrinth.
Fixed a bug where some Lava Chamber Map layouts had unconnected rooms, causing the Map to not be completable.
Fixed a bug exactly where you can activate levers and cranks through walls, trivialising lots of Labyrinth trap rooms.
Fixed a bug exactly where assistance text on stackable products would let you know to shift-click to unstack.
Fixed a bug exactly where stacks of Map Fragments for trade on the Trade Board would appear as a single Fragment in the item image.

For additional Path of Exile news, Grinding Gear Games has detailed a smaller glimpse of your upcoming league which can be around titled “Beastiary League.” As with every new league for Path of Exile, this new league mechanic tasks the players to buy poe currency capture and sacrifice monsters to craft gear. More specifics on the upcoming league can be read right here.