Path of Exile: Bestiary update offered for the PC

The fantastic Bestiary update for Grinding Gear Games’s Path of Exile free-to-play action role-playing game is now on-line for the PC, marking version 3.2.0 on the preferred game. It gives players the opportunity to buy poe currency catch monsters and will also appear for the Xbox One. Even so, the upgrade towards the Microsoft console won’t happen until the next week, and will also give Xbox fans the chance to go on a monster hunt.

A couple of days ago, Grinding Gear Games announced a large update on Path of Exile, now version 3.2.0 is already out there. The update is entitled Bestiary and brings the eponymous “Bestiary League” within the game. It lets you catch and sacrifice monsters to make potent products.

In addition, you can find new gear in addition to a deactivated feature that reminds of Pok√©mon. As the developers reveal, it will likely be achievable to trade the beasts. Presently this feature is still disabled. “We wish to ensure that neighborhood trading web-sites can cope with these new products and test them sufficiently when we’re able to release them for trading,” said the developers. This is to stop players who can not however judge the relative value of a beast becoming ripped off.

Incidentally, catching the beasts potentially benefits all party members. After a player throws a net in the beast and it’s parayed, other players can throw their nets at the creature. If the catch by the source network is successful, all other players will also get poe orbs a copy in the beast.

For the Xbox One, the update are going to be released throughout the next week.