Path of Exile New Expansion: War for the Atlas Announced

Online Action Role-Playing Game “Path of Exile” has announced its most current expansion, it really is the second expansion in 2017 soon after the Fall of Oriath expansion earlier this year. Dubbed War for the Atlas, the expansion is going to be released subsequent month.

In accordance with the game’s official web-site, this expansion will probably be 1st released on December 8 for the PC, with all the Xbox One version coming quickly. It follows a new story set in Atlas focused around the war involving the forces in the Shaper plus a mysterious new entity known as The Elder.

Players will dive straight into the middle of the conflict with all new missions to complete and dungeons to explore, all of which will ascertain who wins and who loses around the battlefield.

In War for the Atlas, there will probably be a total of 32 random maps having a selection of end-game items like 50 new exclusive products, new abilities to master for the Necromancer class, and 10 new gems. The expansion will also introduce the Abyss Challenge League, exactly where players can fight with new enemies to get a likelihood to earn Path of Exile Items Abyss Jewels.

“In this expansion, a great deal of the new content material is for the existing players, since that is its distinct slant,” Chris Wilson, managing director of “Path of Exile”, explained to Gamespot. “However, the content that does influence low-level layers are four new talent gems, all four from the new talent gems we’re adding are necromancy-themed, but created so you may use them on other characters as well. They do not need to be utilised by summoners.”

For game developer Grinding Gear Games, at the least, this expansion is definitely a a enormous feat. In line with Wilson, it was carried out in just 13 weeks and is bigger than the original game which took years to finish.

“Path of Exile” is at the moment available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Gamers can buy cheap Path of Exile Items on experienced web site IGXE.Com.