Path of Exile news: Endgame gets a revamp, new content material announced

It seems the developers of “Path of Exile” are now trudging off the beaten path, as its newest content material update are going to buy Path of Exile Items be a rework towards the present endgame on the free-to-play isometric action roleplaying game (aRPG).

The new update, titled “War for the Atlas,” is now underway from developer Grinding Gear Games (GGG) and is set to be released on Dec. 8. The update is anticipated to become around 1.3 gigabytes (GB) of data. This could imply the content might have been pre-loaded in to the game already but is just locked. The newest update containing “War for the Atlas” expansion will also come with a brand new challenge league within the game named Abyss.

“War for the Atlas” are going to be focusing largely around the endgame content, the phase at which players practical experience diminishing returns and hit a plateau of progression in-game. Chris Wilson, chief developer at GGG has expressed that this rework for the endgame is going to be in stark contrast for the storyline update they introduced inside the “Fall of Oriath” expansion.

“With the Fall of Oriath we focused squarely around the storyline, providing only minor improvements to the endgame. Now we’re going all in around the endgame,” stated Wilson. With “War for the Atlas” players might be treated to an extra 32 new maps, a new Atlas layout, plus a new endgame boss named “The Elder.”

Elder will apparently be at war with the Shaper, the original endgame boss for the Atlas. Now that the two are locked within a perpetual conflict, it is going to up to the players to determine who will win, and they are going to do it all the although getting Path of Exile Items rewarded handsomely.

Meanwhile, the new challenge league will introduce a mechanic related towards the earlier “Breach” league, which includes players following ground fissures that spawn otherworldly enemies. The league also comes with 40 new challenges, which players ought to complete. Rewards await those that reach a specific challenge threshold. Like previous leagues, this will likely require a brand new character either in standard mode or hardcore mode.