Path Of Exile Turns Battle Royale For April Fools’ Day, Legitimate Development

Stranger points might have occurred in the world of video games than this particle tidbit, but the top-down, point and click RPG Path of Exile acquiring a Battle Royale mode is certainly one of several most peculiar. It is not peculiar that it really is acquiring the cheap poe items mode but rather that it is receiving it only for April Fools’ Day and that it really is basically genuine.

As PC Gamer notes, April 1st isn’t specifically the very best date to begin believing in every single single rumor or claim that comes out of developers’ mouths. More usually than not, it is much safer to assume that the developers are simply lying in an effort to trick gamers.

Nevertheless, as outlined by its web-site, Path of Exile is really providing a 100-player PVP mode that may be obtainable for one particular day. Afterward, it will likely be taken down and anything goes back to regular. That is apparently a response towards the demands of the neighborhood plus the developers are calling it “Path of Exile: Royale.”

“Based on community feedback, we are announcing that we have abandoned the Action RPG genre to concentrate on what players seriously want. Path of Exile is becoming replaced by PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE, a 100-person free-for-all battle royale game. PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE is live proper now. Just run the old Path of Exile(poe orbs for sale) game client and it is going to update to PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE,” the announcement post reads.

Now, it is worth repeating that this really is an actual, legitimate development within the game. It’s not a joke and according to the video clip that the developers released with regards to the mode, it only took developers 1 day to basically make the vital modifications to place the mode into impact.

As to how it would even operate, the premise is similar to other games with the same mode. Multiple players are dropped in an ever-shrinking location where they will have to have to battle one another to the death, till only one remains.