Path of Exile’s next update is essentially Pokemon and I adore it

It really is no secret that Path of Exile has turn out to be one of my preferred games. A part of that’s as a result of intimidating depth of poe items technique and economy that tends to make Diablo 3 look like Baby’s Very first ARPG, but the other element is how aggressively Grinding Gear Games ships out new expansions and updates. Final fall saw the introduction of 5 new acts followed up by a winter update that revitalized the entire endgame. Now, on March two, Path of Exile is finding a different update so major that lead designer Chris Wilson confessed he can’t decide regardless of whether or not to contact it a full-blown expansion. At first I thought he was getting a bit cocky, but final week he walked me by way of all of the new features and, yeah, it is pretty huge. Also it’s Pokemon.

Named Bestiary, this new temporary challenge league is likely one of many most robust leagues I’ve ever observed. Unlike the current Abyss league, which largely involves randomly stumbling upon demonic fissures and then killing anything that pops out, Bestiary is about capturing monsters and generating them fight to make highly effective crafting recipes.

For all those new to Path of Exile, these leagues are short-term and demand beginning a brand new character. After their usual three-month life cycle, the league is either retired or incorporated in to the main game and your character is transferred more than for the permanent standard league, which is fundamentally just the main game. Every new challenge league, however, delivers totally new systems that make leveling up a distinct experience every single time.

The concept behind Bestiary is uncomplicated: Whilst roaming around maps, you can throw a net on any monster that qualifies as a beast and, if its weakened enough, capture it. Each captured monster is stored inside your individual menagerie – a zoo that acts like a hideout where you could invite your friends to hang out. A brand new bestiary menu categorizes every on the a huge selection of monsters you may capture and helps track your progress if you are the type of individual thats – wait for it – gotta catch ’em all.

Your menagerie isn’t just a place to gawk over your captured monsters, on the other hand. The Blood Altar is an arena where you could buy poe currency execute the Sacrifice of Combat, which lets you to fight up to four of the captured monsters in exchange for any crafted item. Each of your 250 normal monsters and 40 new legendary beasts has their own modifications which can modify the outcome of your crafted recipe, so monsters are primarily a crafting material that you use in distinct combinations to produce distinctive benefits.