Players desire to get SWTOR with petition on PS4 and Xbox A single

Players want SWTOR on the PS4 and Xbox One
Star Wars on console. Many fans of SWTOR think the MMORPG would play very effectively on the PS4 and also the Xbox One particular. Meanwhile, there are also some MMOs on console, which also run quite successfully.

Why is there no console version? Bioware has created SWTOR for Pc. It was not believed at that time, possibly even a port for the PlayStation or Xbox 1 in attack. All systems have as a result been optimized for the Computer. Also the UI and the controller. It would need to create a fully new UI and a new handle approach for Star Wars: The Old Republic to become capable to play the MMO on console too.

A petition is about to modify Bioware. Since a lot of fans are still searching for an implementation of SWTOR for consoles – also for the reason that not just about every Star Wars fan owns a Computer, a petition has now been started. With this, the developers will be retuned and still publish the MMO on PS4 and Xbox 1. But if this brings anything, is inside the stars of a galaxy far, far away … Here’s the petition.

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