Star Wars: 20 Sith Ranked From Least Menacing Hunting To Most

They’re the baddest of bad guys in a galaxy far, far away. They’re the dark disciples of the Force. For centuries they’ve plagued the galaxy with their slavish devotion to their sadism, lust for energy and unquenchable rage. They may be the Sith, and for more than a thousand generations they’ve been the scourge from the guardians of peace and justice who oppose them. To a Sith, peace can be a lie and only via strength can the bonds of morality and compassion be broken, and true power attained. They dress pretty much uniformly in black and scythe down their enemies with red lightsabers. In actual fact, the current Darth Vader comics have explained that their lightsabers are red for the reason that the Sith pour their discomfort and rage into the crystals till they “bleed”.

Across the centuries, we’ve observed numerous fascinating and memorable characters pick out the path in the Dark Side and wield their red light sabers. Despite the fact that some happen to be consigned for the continuity trash can that is certainly the “Legends” canon, they’ve all provided us stories worthy of remembrance across different media or at the really least given us a cool and threatening visual. Right here we’ve got ranked 20 in accordance with their menacing appearances from least to most

These who played the original Star Wars: Knights On the Old Republic on XBox and PC back in 2003, possibly recall a tense struggle with this mid tier boss. He pops up fairly frequently within the game, and acts because the second-in-command towards the game’s big terrible Darth Malak. Whilst he’s as vindictive and malicious as you’d expect from a Sith, and also a pretty challenging boss battle his appearance is among the least fearsome we’ve seen in a Sith Lord.

About 1997 when rumors were abound of a brand new trilogy of Star Wars prequels, several fans were left asking yourself how George Lucas and co. could produce a more iconic and intimidating villain than Darth Vader. Handful of believed that it might be performed, but after they very first got their look at Darth Maul, even probably the most skeptical fans were won over by the discrete menace of the new Sith Lord. Buy SWTOR credits online.

Widely regarded as the greatest point concerning the Phantom Menace, Maul’s combination of calm restraint, martial arts prowess and intriguingly creepy design and style had fans clamoring for much more for more than a decade. Thankfully, they got their want when The Clone Wars and Rebels animated shows added even more depth (and, yes, even pathos) to this legendary character.