Star Wars Old Republic Server Transfers Coming Quickly

One thing that quite a few fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic have already been waiting for is definitely the arrival of server transfers inside the game. So much so, that it has been a subject of discussion amongst players that have been waiting patiently for them to arrive.

Hopefully now, there is certainly some good news as to when this may well occur. Posted by “Eric” on both the official forums and Reddit, there has been an update on once they could be coming. The group has clarified that they’re presently inside the final stages of testing, so if all goes effectively, the transfers may very well be online as early as Tuesday subsequent week. This may be accompanying the following update, Game Update 5:6, which can be set to arrive within the quite near future.

Pricing inside the game has also been discussed, that will bring back transfers in the pre-United Forces rates for a limited time. The official post continues:

“After that time they are going to buy SWTOR Credits go as much as their new normal pricing of 1,000CC. I’ll allow you to all know on Monday if we are still on track for transfers to go live once more on Tuesday along with the precise timing for the sale pricing.”

So you’ll find nevertheless more specifics to be confirmed, but at least we will not have to wait considerably longer to find out what’s coming next for SWTOR Credits.