WOW7.1.5PTR changed the brewmaster monks to strengthen

Shadowstep: Dodge trigger raised from 15% to 20% (Note: six.66% may be a grade)
The mystery from the mist: the maximum enhance in the probability of 60% is as much as 75% (translator’s note: the reset mechanism doesn’t alter the words are still garbage..)
(Mystic Vitality): a mysterious lasting new talent alternatively of scattered energy. Your drunken full-scale absorbs magical harm.
The damage / endurance of every artifact trait elevated by 34 occasions the upper limit in the overlay.
Fabric of fog
Honor talent
Breeze Refreshing: enhance the volume of blood circulation on the treatment of 25% 20%. and let the blood circulation can refresh the essence from the target body impact.
The damage / endurance of every artifact trait elevated by 34 occasions the upper limit with the overlay.
On the wind
Jade Wind to up to 5 around the target Shenhe mark.
Eliminate the play so that the target deceleration 70% disillusionment lasts three seconds (passive talent?) – the unknown
Broken jade lightning: harm by 70%AP up to 140%AP
The physique isn’t terrible: redesigned, now reduces all harm by 20% to ten in 50% seconds, the higher the harm reduction ratio.
Scattered magic energy: now will be the wind / fog only.
Ring of peace: now turn for the green circle selected place capabilities, enter the selection of the enemy might be ejected out in the ring.

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