You’ll be able to Now Battle Kefka In Final Fantasy XIV

Everyone’s favourite demonic clown is now a boss in Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV Gil), a hodgepodge of Final Fantasy fanfiction that also substitutes as an MMO. Today’s patch 4.2 adds a bunch of new content towards the game, including our lord and savior Kefka.

As of now, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood features a large clown dilemma.

The just-released 4.2 patch for the game, titled “Rise of a new Sun,” adds a whack of Final Fantasy VI-inspired content material to the game, like an look in the game’s infamous and despicable antagonist, Kefka.

The events in a New Sun revolve about political friction building up within the Far East kingdom of Doma. The trailer for the patch shows off a bunch of mind-candy for Final Fantasy VI fans: The Phantom Train, the Guardian boss enemy, a fight against the possessed painting Chadarnook, along with a short glimpse on the Crown Prince of Evil himself—all accompanied by an epic remix of Final Fantasy VI’s final boss theme, Dancing Mad.

What is Kefka’s function in all this? Thankfully, he’s not tough to determine; he only desires one thing. However, that “thing” is utter destruction and oblivion. If you are planning to confront him, take several excellent close friends whose really like for the globe is unshakable. Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil online.

A whack of new quests, characters, gear, and bug fixes are part of the update, as well. Read Square-Enix’s full patch notes here.